Renowned for its incredibly diverse landscapes, wonderful climate, marvellous beaches, and impeccable gastronomy, the island of Crete is blessed with over three hundred days of sunlight per year – one of which typically is the longest day of the calendar year, also known as the summer solstice.

Celebrating the longest day of the year is as magical as it sounds – let alone when one gets to spend it in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, which effortlessly combines the charm of a most turbulent history with the vibrancy of modern living.

Is your stay in a Chania hotel approaching? Here is what you need to know about spending the celestial event of the summer solstice by making nothing but the best out of your holiday in Crete’s finest, Chania.

Discovering Chania’s history on the summer solstice

Chania’s history and architecture are often described as a mosaic of various cultures and eras. And there is no better way to begin your solstice adventure, other than a cultural exploration of Chania’s numerous landmarks.

What will convince you is a mere leisurely stroll through the Old Town, where narrow streets are lined with countless remains dating back to the Ottoman, the Byzantine, and, of course, the Venetian era, to which our very own Monastery Estate Venetian Harbor hotel in Chania’s Old Town owes its immense beauty.

Embracing Chania’s great outdoors

On the longest day of the year, do not miss out on taking advantage of the extra daylight to explore Chania region’s incredible beauty, spanning from awe-inspiring city settings, to stunning natural surroundings such as sandy -and even pine-filled- beaches.

Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy once in a lifetime hikes in breathtaking landscapes, including Europe’s longest gorge, Samaria Gorge. Lush forests, steep cliffs, and a glimpse of Chania’s unique flora and fauna will inspire your journey away from your Chania hotel.

Savouring the flavours of Crete

No visit to Chania is complete without indulging in Crete’s unparalleled miscellany of culinary delights. Our island is, after all, renowned for some of the world’s most celebrated recipes, with the Cretan ntakos and boureki being prominent examples.

The summer solstice is yet another excellent opportunity to enjoy a meal at one of the many seaside tavernas, where you can savour fresh seafood, locally produced olive oil, and a variety of traditional Cretan dishes – many of which are available at MonEs Restaurant in Chania.