MonEs Restaurant


In Monastery Estate, we consider dining to be way more than a process. It is a ritual of its own, the reward of every day’s ending that generates an indescribable pleasure.

Cretan dining is distinctive and unique by default. Every plentiful and refined meal in our restaurant rejuvenates the senses, and evokes a sentiment of wholesomeness, while awaking memories of past times.

Mon.Es Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Chania, a separate entity in Venetian Harbor’s premises. Its objective is to take each visitor on a spectacular culinary journey, dappled with the most distinct flavours and immaculate aromas that traditional Cretan gastronomy can offer.

Our menu remains proudly loyal to the Cretan culture and history. With some dishes deriving from traditional Greek flavours and others embodying inspiration drawn from international cuisine, each and every recipe has its own story and aims to take you on a delicious voyage.

Exquisite local tastes produced in Chania as much as the rest of Crete, combined with a range of premium ingredients of our own limited production, savoured in the dazzling and romantic environment of a five hundred-year-old Venetian building.

In addition to lunch and dinner, our restaurant provides breakfast from 07:30 to 11:00, including breakfast boxes upon request for our guests beyond those times.