St Nikolas Chapel

Built in 1315, it is one of the most popular Byzantine churches in Chania. The chapel is located on the propodes of a steep hill of Moni village just 10 minutes by car or on foot from the premises. The location is stupendous, in fact amongst the best in south Crete and the walk, on a shaded path among ancient olive oil trees is one of the most appealing short walks in the area. In the chapel you will see wall paintings dated in the 13th century crafted with a unique “smoked” method of the famous painter of the area Ioannis Pagomenos.

Panagia Kera (Chapel of Holy Mary)

Built in the early 19th century as a Nun’s Monastery, it is a unique monument of rural architecture. In the Chapel’s surrounding area, the visitor could admire a stone-built 20 meter tall bell house with amazing view from the top as well as the cells that nuns used as their homes.

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