Monastery Estate - Chania

Monastery Estate Venetian Harbour, originally the mansion / castle of a Venetian nobleman in the 16th century, has been subsequently occupied by a Turkish Aga, a senior ranking official of the Ottoman Empire, and his harem until the unification of Crete with Greece in 1913. It is situated in a picturesque alley in Chania's old town, a stone's through away from the harbour's seafront and its world renowned lighthouse view. It is adjacent to the "Saint Eleytherios" (liberator) church and steps away from the Ahmet Aga mosque, a living proof of the multicultural heritage of Chania over the centuries.

Monastery Estate Venetian Harbour has been restored by its new owners since 2015 to maintain its rich architectural features, while providing a unique holiday accommodation experience. A walled garden patio, an original Turkish Hamam (steam bath), numerous ceiling height arches, stone carved doors, and certain canopy ceilings and wall carved closets with unique Arabic designs are certain of the features.

Reconstruction works also unearthed under the surface of the current building ancient Roman walls that date back to the 1st century AC. Following careful restoration they are displayed under a glass floor underlining the over 2,000 years life span of Monastery Estate Venetian Harbour's location.

The 11 suites have been set up in a spacious manner including multiple windows with views in the walled garden and secluded alley that travel the mind backwards into the centuries. Seven of the suites have access to private terraces, certain of them affording unique views of the old town's skyline featuring bellhouses, Minarets, fortifications, and the ever stormy cretan sea. All guests have access to the indoor and outdoor restaurant as well as a unique spa including an original Turkish Hamam and a swimming pool enclaved to ceiling height venetian arches.

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